Meet Chelsey

chelsey and ted

Things I like: Napping. Hiking. Acoustic music. Reading, writing, watching, and listening to good stories. Gardening. Old churches and their grave yards. Old houses. Old everything, really. Cooking and hosting dinners. Museums. Giving gifts. Sunny days when there’s been too much rain; rainy days when there’s been too much sun. Meaningful words. Funny people and cheesy jokes. Good coffee and good Central Texas barbecue (which is the only real barbecue in the world).

Things I don’t like: Wearing high-heeled shoes. When people are rude to waitstaff. Arrogance, especially in the church. Politics. Prosperity “gospel.” Public speaking. Sharks and zombies (my opinion on whether these last two fears are legitimate changes with each day). Injustice. Eggplant and liver.

Things I am: An excellent speller. A 7th generation Texan. For the last 6 years, a slightly rebellious church-planting pastor’s wife. An introvert. A feminist. A homebody. A Lutheran theologian. 45% idealist; 55% pragmatist. Bad at math. A daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, godmother, friend, evangelist, and child of God.

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